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Nov 14, 2010

Starring Mark McDonnell, Hannah Smith and Barnaby Edwards

(Duration: 240' approx)


Mark McDonnell (Liam Barnaby), Hannah Smith (Samantha Thorn), Barnaby Edwards (Paul Hunt), Jo Castleton (Hazel Trahn), Ian Brooker (Yan), Ian Hallard (Chessman), Andrew Dickens (Milo Taggart), Toby Hadoke (Louis Richter), Martin Trent (Merced), Cal Jaggers (Becca Trahn),  Jess Robinson (Janice Webb), Stuart Crossman (The News), Nicholas Briggs (Cyber Voices)


Across the planet, the silver legions stand impassive in every city; mankind has sacrificed its freedoms for the sake of a distant conflict against its android creations, and now the price must be paid. On the streets, in the depths of space, a web of lies and deceit draws ever tighter, and the lines between human and android, between enemy and ally, are blurred. Only one choice remains – resist or surrender…
AUTHOR: James Swallow DIRECTOR: Nicholas Briggs
Kelly Ellis & Steve McNichol from
Fool Circle Productions
Kelly Ellis & Steve McNichol from
Fool Circle Productions
RECORDED DATE: 22, 23, 24, 26, 27 February 2009 RELEASE DATE: 30 December 2009


This story is set after the events of Cyberman, the first series.

CDs only available as a boxed set. Box cover enhanced with silver foil. CD 5 is a behind-the-scenes



[edit] Part 1

Sarah Jane, Rani and Clyde are lured by an article to a shop where an alien has been sighted. When they arrive, they are met by the mysterious shopkeeper and his parrot. The Shopkeeper needs their help to save the Earth. They need to find three pieces made of chronosteen, a metal forged in the Time Vortex which can reshape destiny, before it is too late. They can be found at key points of the Earth's history. The Shopkeeper is able to open a time window, into which Sarah Jane, Rani and Clyde are forced. They are transported in time to three different eras, and each must face danger alone.

Rani ends up in the Tower of London on 19 July 1553, to be a lady-in-waiting to Lady Jane Grey, who is about to be usurped by Mary I. It is the final day of her reign. Rani and Lady Jane easily become friends. Mary's army have reached London. Rani discovers a plot to kill Lady Jane that very night.

Clyde ends up in an English coastal village in 1941 during World War II. He meets George, an adolescent evacuee, who has spotted three Wehrmacht soldiers on the beach. They are now the only people who can save Britain from an invasion. They hide in the church, but are found. The Germans have a hammer - Thor's Hammer. With this they can block radar systems and start the invasion of Britain.

Sarah Jane ends up in a house haunted by ghosts in 1889. She meets the girl Emily Morris, who is looking for the ghosts. At eight o'clock the "haunting" begins. They hear a woman talk and children playing with fire. The "ghosts" are not from the past, but the future, where a fire will start and kill the children. Sarah Jane and Emily must find a way to stop this from happening.

[edit] Part 2

Rani stops Lady Mathilda from killing her with the dagger of Chronosteen. Mathilda wanted to make Lady Jane a martyr to inspire the Protestants to rise up against Mary. Rani stays with Jane until the latter is taken to the keep. She promises Lady Jane that she will not be forgotten by history or by her. Taking the dagger, Rani disappears through the time window. Jane believes that Rani is an angel and, reasoning that angels speak only the truth, goes to her death confident that she will be remembered.

Clyde distracts the Wehrmacht with his mobile phone, claiming it to be a sophisticated bomb; George is able to use that moment to snatch Thor's Hammer. The pair lock themselves in a chamber below the bell tower, and repeatedly chime the bell to alert the townsfolk and Home Guard of the emergency. The Germans dash back to the beach but are captured by the Home Guard. George asserts his duty and desire to join the military as soon as he is of age, dismissing Clyde's request that he wait until 1945; Clyde implores him to be careful before disappearing into the time window. George arives on the beach and poses armed for a photograph with the German troops whose capture he and Clyde had facilitated. George survives combat and goes on to contribute significantly to the post-war development of radar, for which he is honoured late in life by the Queen.

Sarah Jane resets the clock to eight o'clock and the "haunting" continues. This time they see the future nanny talking on a mobile telephone. The children are locked in a room playing with a candle. Emily manage to call out to the children and they hear her. It is her fear when she lost her mother that connects her with them. Emily uses this ability to turn the key in the lock and the children escape. Sarah Jane, now holding the key, starts disappearing through the time window, but Emily takes the key and won't let go. When Sarah Jane returns the time window has become critical and without the key, the world will be sucked into the time vortex. At this moment a woman appears at their side with the key. The time window closes. The Shopkeeper, without explanation of the whole thing, bids them farewell and disappears with his parrot called Captain.

The woman is Angela Price, a granddaughter of Emily. She has been told to come to the shop shown in the article on this exact day and give the key back. While walking out of the shop, Clyde compliments Rani's makeover into Tudor dress.



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