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Mar 15, 2013

This is the show that should have been show 300! An EXTRA LONG interview with Mat Irvine!!!

to celebrate my and the tin dog podcasts birthday and reaching show 300 I wanted to do something special... and here it is....

Here is Mats Bio. from his own web page. Why not check it out

I spent most of my, what could termed, 'early career' at the BBC. I briefly worked first in the Photographing 'Stills' Library for Television News, then moved to the Visual Effects Department, where I stayed for around 23 years, making an overall total of a couple of months short of 25 years. (So no gold watch...)

I left the BBC in 1993 to pursue 'other interests', although still within the general media. This included producing and directing and the odd bit of presenting. I also attempted to get a movie made of Arthur C. Clarke's novel A Fall of Moondust, but as with so many potential movie projects, it didn't get green lit.

I also continued with my writing, most, but not exclusively, on model-making topics, both for magazines, and for a growing range of books.

I got directly involved with a number of other programmes over the years, possibly the most significant being regularly appearing on Swap Shop and Superstore; co-presenting and co-producing TECHNO; producing and directing on Future Fantastic (a Tomorrow's World spin-off); co-devising Robot Wars and, most recently, operating K-9 for (new) Doctor Who and The Sarah-Jane Adventures.

All inter-dispersed with talks; lectures and guesting at SF Conventions, and talking part in endless DVDs on 'the making of Doctor Who'.

Book writing continues, some on model making; one, with Mike Tucker, on the whole story of the BBC Visual Effects Department.

I also regularly contribute to Scale Model News

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