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Jan 29, 2014

TDP 362: A short trip to the Doctor Who Fan exhibit in Bradford

This exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of Britain's most popular television programmes and will explore people's devotion to Doctor Who.

What does Doctor Who mean to the fans? What makes a fan? How do they demonstrate their affection? Doctor Who and Me will run from 23 November 2013 - 9 February 2014.

Gallery One: 23 November 2013 – 9 February 2014

Doctor Who first appeared on our screens 50 years ago. It has millions of viewers and fans around the world with the series sparking amazing creativity and unrivalled devotion.

This exhibition celebrates what it means to be a Doctor Who fan, their collections, their art and the passion that Doctor Who has generated and re-generated over the past half century.

50 Years of Doctor Who

Created by Karl Rooney

On the 23 November 1963 at 17:16 and 20 seconds the BBC aired a programme that aimed to entertain but also to be scientifically credible. Through a multitude of regenerated Doctors, countless enemies and many companions, delve into the past 50 years of a programme that’s become ingrained in our popular culture.

Why I Love Doctor Who

Fans love Doctor Who for many different reasons and in many different ways. They revel in the minutiae of the show, constantly checking the adherence to the Doctor Who mythology as well as the continuity and evolution of characters and stories. Exploring this and the independent nature of the Doctor and the moral stands he takes gives an insight into why the series resonates with the fans so much.

Why We Love Doctor Who

Annuals loaned by Anthony Miller

Fandom thrives on opinion and Doctor Who fans have always found ways to express themselves to other fans. This sharing of views and the forging of friendships with similarly minded people is one clear way in which fans become a community. The enjoyment of these debates ensures that fans continually find ways to communicate and meet up.

How I Show I Love

Hiding from the Dalek patrol, Paul Comben

Doctor Who fans want to actively express and share their passion. From cross-stitched Doctor portraits to Dad built Daleks standing guard in back gardens, discover how fans show their enthusiasm. There’s also the competition between fans as to who’s able to demonstrate that they know more and that their collections of props, memorabilia and merchandise are bigger and better than others.

All of these objects were loaned to the exhibition by members of the public.

Social Media and Virtual fans

Whovians (as Doctor Who fans are sometimes known) were amongst the earliest fan groups to take advantage of the internet and social media. From fanzines, newsgroups, blogs, podcasts, fan videos and websites, get a taste of the extent of the international reach of the Doctor Who community as it continues to increase online.