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Aug 23, 2017

@TinDogPodcast 2017 Summer of #Blakes7 talks about 

B12 "The Keeper" Derek Martinus Allan Prior 27 March 1979 7.0 (70)
With clues left by Docholli, Blake heads to the planet Goth to find a "brain-print" of a man named Lurgen who knew the secret location of Star One and stored it inside an amulet worn by a royal leader called "The Keeper". While in transit, Avon suggests taking over Star One rather than destroy it, then they will then have complete control over the Federation, but Blake refuses to ever wield such power. After Blake, Jenna and Vila teleport down to Goth, Zen detects a ship in orbit that Avon is certain belongs to Travis and destroys it. Travis however, is already on the planet with Servalan to intercept the brain-print before Blake does. Travis offers to share control of the Federation with Servalan, but finds the brain-print himself and departs in Servalan's ship. Jenna and Vila attempt to amuse the king of the Goths while they try to identify the keeper. Eventually the location is found and the crew set course for Star One.

Guest Stars: Bruce Purchase (as Gola), Shaun Curry (as Rod), Freda Jackson (as Tara), Cengiz Saner (as Fool), Arthur Hewlett (as Old man), Ron Tarr (as Patrol leader)