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Aug 30, 2017

@TinDogPodcast 2017 Summer of #Blakes7 talks about 

B13 "Star One" David Maloney (uncredited) Chris Boucher 3 April 1979 8.2 (30)
With the location of Star One finally revealed, Blake is determined to finish his mission and destroy the control facility that keeps the Federation functioning. Again, Avon urges him to reconsider destroying it but Blake refuses. Meanwhile, Servalan deals with a series of catastrophes throughout several Federation worlds – the only theory is that someone is tampering with Star One. Upon arriving at Star One, Blake discovers that it has been taken over by Andromedan aliens in human guise who are posing as technicians and disrupting the systems. The aliens think Blake is Travis and await his deactivation of the Star One's defences that will allow their 600-ship invasion force in to attack the Federation. When Travis arrives, he wounds Blake and deactivates the defences, but then is killed by Avon. Jenna then alerts the Federation of the invasion force and all return to Liberator where Avon takes charge and makes a stand against the invaders until the Federation forces arrive.

Guest Stars: Jenny Twigge (as Lurena), John Bown (as Durkim), David Webb (as Stot), Gareth Armstrong (as Parton), Paul Toothill (as Marcol), Michael Mayard (as Leeth)