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Jul 30, 2018




Four friends, too young to be Generation X, too old to be Millennials share much; their place of work, their crap pay, and their costly and meaningless university educations. They also share something else. They are all unashamed geeks. Their love of science fiction and fantasy is the only thing that keeps them sane while they killing time while working behind the counter at “EDGE”, the dullest shop this side of Gallifrey. They each had dreams once, lost in time like Sauron’s ring or Luke’s lightsabre down an air vent on Bespin. A tale about life, love, shopping and the pursuit of mint-in-box, merchandise, “Geek Myths” more cynical than “Clerks” and more realistic than “Empire Records” A very British slice of life. If you ever had a dead end job... No love life... and a love of TV... This book is for you. This is not a sci-fi or fantasy story but it is ideal for anyone who loves these genres An affectionate and fun look at the alternative culture from the inside, at a time when interest in all things geek threatens to become mainstream, while still remaining a mystery to the masses. Written by one of our own through and through, nothing about this delightful book feels unauthentic. 5 stars out of 5 Stephen Hatcher, coordinator of The Whoovers Doctor Who Group. This book is 98k words and is written by the host of the Doctor Who: Tin Dog Podcast - @TinDogPodcast and author of Blue Box Messiah and Whostrology. This book also comes with a free sample of his next book "JANE of the AIR"