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Tony Gallichan
over fifteen years ago

Cheers guys. Alas, it\\\'s extremely unlikely that I\\\'ll ever be on the WhoCast again... I didn\\\'t leave because I was ill...I was, ahem, \\\'forced out\\\'. Not going into details here as it\\\'s the lil tin doggies\\\' site and it wouldn\\\'t be fair.

Good pod, doggy..tell me, are you having trouble with all the nick briggses too?

over fifteen years ago

As usual, a great podcast.
Thank you for including the audio for the flashing blade podcast. I thought Tony was ill and it was god to hear him again. Is he going back to the Whocast?

over fifteen years ago

I was thinking the exact same. He could definetly be back on the Whocast - it would be like Podshock with three hosts (not counting reporter James).