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TDP: Update

Mar 7, 2008

hope you enjoyed the anniversary special.

there wont be a cast this week (there were 3 last week) as ive got a cold.

There will be a double Torchwood cast about 2.8 and 2.9 soon too


I did get my review copy of Black Orchid yesterday so there will be a show on that and I have started work on a big finish recommendations podcast.

I am thinking of recommending and talking about

The One Doctor
Project Lazarus
Storm Warning.
Night Thoughts

any thoughts... on those choices? the TDP will return once i've got my voice back 100%

be seeing you...

sixteen and a half years ago

Hi, recently discovered the show and I\\\'ve quickly become a big fan. Thank you!

Those are great Big Finish recommendations. I\\\'m also a big fan of Jubilee (I\\\'m definitely one of those fans who learned to love the 6th Doctor in audio). I haven\\\'t heard Kingmaker yet, I will have to pick it up.

How about a show on Big Finish spinoffs, like Dalek Empire, Gallifrey, UNIT, I Davros, Companion Chronicles, etc?

Thanks again, and keep up the great work!