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COACHED with Coach Keren

Nov 14, 2022

Our guest for the second episode in this series is Ivy Slater, CEO of Slater Success; a boutique training, consulting and coaching company. Ivy joins Coach Keren to talk about her own midlife crisis to awakening story, that all started with a breakdown in a Starbucks line, and through her moment of reckoning at the realization that her dreams of becoming a dancer had somehow ended in a career in printing. From there, Ivy pivoted, and she shares how she navigated this monumental change and how she got to where she is today. 

This season will be entirely dedicated to the midlife crisis and turning it around into the best time of your life. Join as we answer your questions on how to navigate the big changes that occur or signal this stage transition. The ride itself might be rough, but Coach Keren is here to help you get to the other side. 



  • [02:25] Ivy shares her story of crisis to awakening
  • [10:00] If you’re faced, too, with career stagnation - here’s how to do a career change right
  • [15:04] How to find your support team through the midlife crisis and leaning on them



  • Sometimes, we have to break down in order to build up new and better things
  • Talk to everyone you know and do “Market Research” when you are thinking about change during a midlife crisis.  From changing careers to partners, you might be surprised at what you find if you take the time to sort through
  • Midlife doesn’t have to be scary- it can be a huge catalyst for change
  • Finding people around you who tell you the truth and support you is the greatest asset on this journey



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Ivy Slater is the CEO of Slater Success, a boutique training, consulting and coaching company focused on growth strategies and leadership development for high-level, service-based businesses. Ivy is a professionally certified business coach, speaker, internationally bestselling author and podcast host. She's scaled her own two businesses to multiple 6 & 7 -figures and speaks nationwide on the topics of leadership, sustainable growth and the value of relationships. In 2020, she was a recipient of a Power Women of New York and of Long Island award, presented by Schneps Media.



“When we're full down, the greatest strength is in the pulling of ourselves back up.” -Ivy Slater

“We are very unwilling to burn it all to the ground and then essentially be left naked as we pivot into our next phase, but it has to be done in order to bridge that gap between where you are and where you are going next.” -Keren Eldad