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COACHED with Coach Keren

Jul 9, 2019

Life doesn't get better you get better. ~Joan Rivers

The key to managing other people is to add more value with them in mind.

Influence works through adding value in a way that is directed towards and influenced by the other.

Suggestions about navigating hierarchies and organizations and how to get your ideas heard by the right people 

Ask yourself...if you had a magic wand what would you like to see happen in your organization in six months. If you're the person asking these questions then you're the person that people want at the meetings. You're the one who makes people think about what they need and you're gonna help people think through these things.

Continue to be a value by doing what you're already doing. You're already generating ideas. You're already being proactive. You're already working on improving yourself and sharpen your skills

Everybody can be happy in life and at work. And I believe that everyone should.