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COACHED with Coach Keren

Dec 19, 2022

In the seventh episode of the Coached Podcast’s new season, Coach Keren is joined by guest host Greg Scheinman for the second time to answer YOUR questions on the midlife shift. Greg is a Performance Coach, Speaker, Author & Creator of The Midlife Male Podcast & Newsletter.

Today, Greg and Keren thoughtfully advise two callers who are wondering if they are too old to find love, or too old to find their life’s purpose. They give insightful answers and suggestions on how to love ourselves, how to turn inward, and how to create a life of fulfillment and meaning. When you start doing things that light you up daily you will be living a life of purpose – cumulatively. 


  • [03:36] Keren discusses how the midlife shift can be compared to adolescence – and how you can turn stagnation and purposelessness into healing.
  • [04:03] Keren welcomes Greg Sheinman back to the show – they recap the last episode and discuss the vulnerable and relatable questions from the previous callers
  • [07:15] The first caller, Breanna, opens up about how first of all she loves herself, but second of all, she is feeling self-doubt because her boyfriend broke up with her for a younger woman. She wants to know how to feel empowered in this situation.
  • [11:51] Keren empowers Breanna and validates her feelings by telling her, “ love yourself enough to understand that he is not for you because he is not appreciating all the magnificence of you. There are no deal breakers in real love.”
  • [18:34] The second caller Mattius talks about the anxiety of finding his purpose at 46. Greg explains that the secret is to live positively. Not everyone has a “calling”, but doing things that we enjoy or things that make us feel good daily will add up cumulatively to create a life of fulfillment.
  • [23:58] Keren discusses the word: “purpose.” Purpose is doing anything that creates fulfillment and meaning. Flow is anything that you are doing that makes you lose all sense of time.
  • [25:50] Keren gives tips on how to find out what lights you up, what you are obsessed with, and what will help you to live a happy life full of purpose.


  • The Midlife crisis can be compared to adolescence in that it can be a turbulent time with acting out, extreme behaviors, and rage against change – instead we should be turning inward, processing what is happening, and evolving.
  • When you love yourself and live your life being honest and true to yourself – you will find a partner suited perfectly to you. There is no time frame for finding love, you can find who is perfect for you at 42 or 60.
  • Your age doesn’t have to dictate who or how you are – you can be an old 40-year-old or a young 60 year old; it is all in the way you carry yourself. How you live, how you operate, and how you execute. Is there vibrance in your face, in your eyes, in your body? How you live is up to you.
  • If day in and day out, you start choosing the things that light you up from inside that you're obsessed with, that you would do if nobody paid you, you will certainly be living a life of purpose.


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Greg Scheinman is a performance coach and host of The Midlife Male podcast, and the creator of—the premier digital media community for middle-aged men seeking to maximize their lives. In 2018, he launched the Midlife Male Movement to help men like him in their forties and fifties to strive to be their best selves by getting active, curious, naked— and real. Greg has played many roles in his life: a filmmaker, sports video producer, TV host, fitness studio owner, insurance broker, performance coach, executive athlete—and most importantly, a friend, father, husband, brother, and son.