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COACHED with Coach Keren

Jul 18, 2019

In this episode, we're going to talk about taking a leap, or more specifically when and how to know that you can transition from a career to the next or from a situation to the next and so on and so forth. 

Are you ready?  

  • Be brave
  • Be resourceful 
  • You're going to have to jump. And I call that the principle of knowing that you don't know what you don't know.
  • At the end of that leap there always lies possibility.
  • When you see water around your feet on the Titanic you might still feel like your vision ahead is unclear.
  • Once you get clear on the fact that this here is a dead end for you and you get over the illusion that it's comfortable so yay, you're gonna be able to see the possibilities ahead and there are many.
  • Focus on the possibilities and the excitement of going towards positivity rather than narrowly accepting what is confining yourself and feeling stuck
  • You deserve to live with passion. You deserve to rock the career of your dreams and to have a nice friendly environment around you.

There will always be options and possibilities no matter what age or career field you are in.  In order to survive you will need to develop something that helps you stomach plot twists and take leaps because the leaps are no longer an option anymore.

There's a great book that I want to recommend for everybody out there. It's called When To Jump by Mike Lewis.