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Nov 23, 2015

Dear friends, 
This week we continue the orientation sharing at the recent retreat. Sister Tang Nghiem tells the story of the Buddha's first teaching with children when they named the Path of Awareness. The way we enjoy our breath, our silence, our steps and our sitting meditation are all steps on the path. May you...

Nov 16, 2015

Dear friends, 
This week we share with you the first half of the retreat orientation with Brother Pháp Trạc. He invites us to listen to the bell, let go of our worries and eat with mindfulness. Whether you were at the retreat or were halfway around the world, allow yourself to begin your own retreat, wherever...

Nov 9, 2015

Dear friends,
Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast. Dharma flowing from the Ocean of Peace. 
Over the past week, Deer Park Monastery welcomed lay friends to the Miracle of Mindfulness tour retreat. This year, the title of the retreat was, Breathe, It'll Be Okay. For this week's podcast, we offer the opening chant by...