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Jul 19, 2013

Dear Friends,
Today we share with you the second half of a talk given recently by Brother Phap Hai at Deer Park Monastery.  Everyday spiritual practice continues to be the focus of his sharing, but now Brother Phap Hai focuses on how we practice.  He delves into the concept of bodhichitta, the mind of love, by sharing the story of the 8th century teaching, The Way of the Bodhisattva, by the Indian monk, Shantideva.  Brother Phap Hai reminds us that our practice should not be rigid and dry, but rather infused with great love. 
Remember you can find the Deer Park Dharmacast online at, on twitter, facebook, and iTunes. Enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.

almost eleven years ago

Hello to all beings and a lotus to all as well. In regards to The Way of the Bodhichitta... I really needed to read that.
To practice with love,sometimes I have notice in many occassions that dogma has a way of being rigid,the formalities of practice do this not that and so on.After awhile it becomes robotic and not sincere. Buddha sees this He knows who is real whom is not.
To all enjoy your moment peace