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May 29, 2009

Dear Friends, We often experience our emotions like waves, crashing on the shore.  But a wave’s beginning can be miles away, or thousands of feet underwater.  The same is true for our emotions.  In this talk, Sister Dang Nghiem shows us that while we may not notice emotions until they crash upon us, looking deeply we can see that their origin is far below the surface.  In this way we can be mindful of our habitual reactions and responses, recognizing them before we are swept away with them.    Please enjoy these offerings, and may they inspire the depth of your practice.

ten and a half years ago

I have this talk on my mp3 player and many early mornings where I am struggling with difficult feelings I will turn to this talk and always find myself calmed. I would love to meet Sister Dang Nghiem one day and speak with her in person, telling her how deeply her teachings have touched me. In the meantime I often check back here, to see if any more of her talks have been made available. Is that possible soon?

Thank you.

Barbara Casey
almost fifteen years ago

Dear Sister,
Thank you so much for this deep teaching. I have a sangha sister who is in great dispair right now, and I feel your words are spoken just for her.

Thank you for your practice, I hope to see you soon, Barbara