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Aug 9, 2013

Dear Friends,

Recently, a listener emailed us to ask the question, "As an engaged Buddhist, how can I stop the destruction of Mother Earth and leave my children a clean planet?" In the very same week, Brother Phap Ho offered for us to feature the first recording of his blog, Earth Protection Here and Now.  We hope that you find today's podcast a wonderful response to our listener's question.  Sometimes we want to know what to do, but Brother Phap Ho shares that the very first step to environmental conservation is to look deeply and reframe our perspective on this planet and our relationship to it.  

For more insights, visit his blog at

Remember you can find the Deer Park Dharmacast online at, on Twitter, Facebook, and iTunes. Enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.

almost eleven years ago

Thank you. The podcast and the blog post are so precious and so important to waking up. I listened to the podcast while lying on the earth in Central Park, and I just read the blog post. thank you for urging humans to realize they are not the only inhabitants of planet earth and that the first Earth protection is to stop killing and eating other beings. peace.