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May 9, 2014

Dear friends,
Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast -- Dharma Flowing from the Ocean of Peace.
Today, we continue with the second half of a talk from guest speaker Michael Ciborski.  He shares his experiences living as monk at Plum Village and afterwards as a lay practitioner to the concept of the mind as a garden. Michael stresses the importance of tending our garden, to embrace and calm the emotions that arise in us. Without careful tending, our unwholesome seeds become tangled thickets and the stories they weave compelling.  But like a mother to a small child, we can hold the feeling close and whisper, "This is not storytime" and hold them instead.
Remember, you can always find the Deer Park Dharmacast at, on Facebook, iTunes, and Twitter. Now, enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply. 

almost nine years ago

I'm so grateful for this beautiful dharma talk, its lightness and practicality, which touches me in many way.

Margrett Barry
over ten years ago

This talk on emotions is one of the most helpful, practical and compassionate teachings that I have heard on cultivating our inner garden and skillfully taking care of our emotions. I enjoyed the lightness and gentle humour of Brother Michael and his ability to convey to me that yes, this is possible - I can do this! Thank you from my heart.

over ten years ago

I thank you so much for this, it helps me a lot. It is a beautiful Dharma talk