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Apr 4, 2007

This week Sister Dang Nghiem follows Thay on a tour of the Tu Hieu Temple, where he trained as a novice. The tour begins across the road from the temple, at the Bodhi Stupa in a pine forest, and continues down to the old showering well before heading up to the Buddha Hall. The audio has only been partially edited, so please enjoy your breathing during the walking sections. Today is the last day of the three-day reconciliation ceremonies in Hue at Dieu De Temple. Tomorrow morning the Sangha travels to Da Nang for a nine day visit.

Faye Harasack
almost seventeen years ago

Thanks so much for all the podcasts. They\'re especially valuable for me since I live in rural Alaska as a sangha of one. I always say my dogs are my sangha, and I do have people with whom to share about spiritual things, but no one to practice with.
It\'s wonderful to have the pieces from Vietnam. I have to admit the first ones were hard to hear, because of the crowd noise in the first 3 and the Abbot\'s voice in the 4th one that made it harder to concentrate on the translation. This last one though was very peaceful and mostly easy to listen to. For some reason it\'s especially poignant to hear the birds singing in the background and to imagine you all walking in the forest there with Thay. I had been wanting a lot to be able to follow the trip in my thoughts, and these casts, along with the pictures on the Village des Pruniers website, are a good link.
I have also really appreciated the other podcasts. The dharma talks are good nourishment and I’m also glad to be able to hear things like the reading of the Mindfulness Trainings. The question & answer session on 1/30 was really helpful too, like a series of little dharma talks. Deepest thanks to you all for what you share here.

over sixteen years ago

It is wonderful to follow the tour of the root temple. It reminds me of how I have been taking things for granted in today\'s modern living. Things like having a clean toilet everywhere in Australia where I live(I was born in V.N.) By the way, I would like to publicly acknowledge Sister Dang Nghiem\'s excellent translation.
Once again thanks for the podcast. It is relly priceless.