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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Aug 26, 2019

Dr. Cole Zanetti joins me to discuss Why “Positive Deviance” Should be Part of Every Healthcare Organization’s Strategy. Find out why positive deviance should be a part of every healthcare organization’s strategy!

Cole outlines how healthcare leaders can begin to adapt a Positive Deviance strategy at your organization and how you can get started. He also covers how an organization can measure the ROI and justify the investment in various Positive Deviance initiatives. It’s a jam packed 50+ minutes full of great insights and ideas.

So grab a pen and paper or your tablet and get ready to learn ….. about a really exciting bright spot in healthcare.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Roster Health.  Roster is solving for social determinants of health through community health workers.  They ASSIST ORGANIZATIONS ON IMPROVING OUTCOMES IN A VARIETY OF VALUE-BASED ARRANGEMENTS WHERE FINANCIAL OUTCOMES ARE TIED TO PATIENT OUTCOMES SUCH AS:

  • 30-day readmission reduction programs
  • Full-risk contracts
  • Upside and downside risk contracts
  • Bundled payment programs

If you are a healthcare organization participating in a value-based contract, check out Roster

. ... they are a new bright spot in healthcare.