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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Dec 16, 2022

Leaders from Blue Cross Blue Shield Association; Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, and Icario, offer insights on the priorities to focus on as we enter 2023. As we turn the page from 2022, health plans are facing new challenges impacting member experience, retention, and, most importantly, their member’s health. Topics include: the new reality health plans and members will face once the PHE ends and how getting ahead will avoid significant membership losses; CMS’ increased weight on CAHPS surveys will lead to more focus on member satisfaction; New Social Need Screening and Intervention (SNS-E) requirement means that plans will need to get more serious about members’ social needs by 2025

Panel: Mikal Sutton, Managing Director, Medicaid Policy, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association; Mildred Menos, Director of Member Advocacy and Community Outreach Transformation, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey; Steve Wigginton, CEO, Icario

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This Bright Spots in Healthcare episode is sponsored by Icario

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