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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Oct 22, 2021

Our panel of experts from Banner Health, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, SCAN Health Plan and other leading healthcare organizations share case studies and best practices for engaging consumers in decision-making and behavior change to improve health outcomes.

Find out why a human-centric approach may help persuade consumers to actively participate in their healthcare. Learn how AI technology and behavior science principles can improve health delivery by pinpointing the underlying psychological, environmental, and economic drivers and barriers behind people’s health decisions. 



  • William (Tripp) Jennings MD, FACEP, Vice President, Clinical Innovation Officer, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
  • Alexandra Morehouse, Chief Marketing Officer, Banner Health
  • Eve Gelb, Senior Vice President, Member & Community Health, SCAN Health Plan
  • Shai Levi, Co-Founder, and COO, Medorion Technologies
  • Andrea Wallace, Manager, Product Development, Business Lab, Emergent Holdings

This episode of Bright Spots in Healthcare is sponsored by Medorion Technologies

Medorion aims to help organizations manage the entire process of health management more efficiently, and take strides that will change medical behavior across entire populations and improve the lives of millions of individuals. Medorion's behavioral intelligence software provides health insurers with an in-depth understanding of members and their concerns, enhancing health plans in all areas pertaining to human behavior. Utilizing behavior-based insights, the Medorion EBR™ platform enables payors to personalize and automate one-on-one member conversations at scale, based on health decision barriers. Medorion's SaaS facilitating proactive interactions that improve health delivery and financial outcomes.