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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Dec 13, 2021

As healthcare works toward value-based care, closing care gaps and engaging consumers in preventive health is a high priority among payers and providers as it reduces costs and improves health outcomes. In this podcast, leaders from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Clover Health, and Humana share successful strategies for closing gaps in care, improving health outcomes and reduce costs. Topics include preparing for the 2022 and 2023 HEDIS measures, analyzing data, measuring provider performance and the impact of SDOH.


  • Nicole Lowery, Director of Population Health Strategy, Office of Health Affairs and Advocacy, Humana
  • Jeslie Jacob, Divisional Vice President, Provider Performance | Provider Analytics, Reporting and Connectivity, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
  • Julianne Eckert, Director of Quality Improvement, Clover Health
  • Paula Leclair, U.S. General Manager,


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