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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Feb 17, 2022

Eric goes one-on-one with Chris Delaney, Founder, and CEO of Insignia Health. During the episode, Chris talks about consumer centricity and the importance of the patient activation measure (PAM) for health plans and providers. He provides various case studies and overall guidance on how to successfully implement activation programs that work.

This episode is sponsored by Insignia Health

Insignia Health provides the only empirically derived and quantifiable model for healthcare organizations, professionals and consumers to co-create personalized healthcare strategies to improve health self-management. By continuously measuring and increasing patient activation, our clients empower individuals to unlock their potential, leading to better health outcomes, lower costs and improved well-being.

And now, as part of Phreesia, Insignia Health further expands the spectrum of organizations that can leverage patient activation to achieve their strategic objectives and connect with patients before, during and after their healthcare encounters.

Their partners include hospitals and health systems, health plans and insurers, pharmaceutical companies and government health programs around the world, including direct contracts with leading healthcare organizations like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (United States) and the National Health Service (England).

In order to improve a consumer’s health, we have to meet them where they are. The Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) is a 10- or 13-item survey that measures a patient’s current knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health and healthcare. PAM’s design and results are validated by hundreds of published studies from researchers around the world. Visit: