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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Jul 17, 2019

Dr. Marianne Sumego, Director of Shared Medical Appointments at Cleveland Clinic, joins Eric for a jammed packed conversation about how Cleveland Clinic has mastered the shared medical appointment and how it benefits patients (with an emphasis on diabetics).  

Marianne provides you history behind shared appointment and why Cleveland Clinic decided to invest in the program, she informs you on how SMAs are run and we even get to hear how it affects the skeptical, know it all consumer. 

We also discuss the power of peer support, we dive into the How Tos so you can get an understanding of what you will need to mimic this program, we dive into HIPAA concerns, medical practice concerns and of course the business drivers Cleveland Clinic considers when financing this innovative approach to engaging and treating consumers with certain illnesses. 

If you are in value based care, chronic care or simply love hearing innovating ideas ... this interview will fly by!

The  episode is sponsored by Revel Health.  If you have ever talked to the most sophisticated agencies on Madison Avenue, the ones that represent the biggest consumer brands you know like Coke, Toyota, Hershey’s, Apple, you name it … they take a sophisticated approach to identifying consumers, and then understanding the consumer's values well enough to truly influence behavior change, in a way that benefits the brand they represent.  We in healthcare have not been close, to being that elaborate in marketing to our consumers, patients, who are at highest risk of costing the most money. Until now. Check out revel health at ... they are a new bright spot in healthcare.