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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Jun 4, 2021

With healthcare costs skyrocketing, one employer found a solution to the high cost of providing healthcare to associates and their dependents. In 1991, Harris Rosen, President & COO, Rosen Hotels & Resorts actively took control of the hotel chain’s healthcare spending with extremely successful results: healthier employees –  and a savings of $460 million in healthcare costs. 


Rosen and two members of his executive team - Ashley Bacot, President of Provinsure, and Kenneth Aldridge Jr, RN, BSN, MS-HSA, the Director of Health Services at the Rosen Medical Center - discuss the hotel chain’s cutting-edge healthcare system, which enables associates to achieve quality care, improved outcomes and lower costs.


Hear how the program is structured and the critical factors contributing to its success. Find out if this novel approach is right for your organization.