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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Jun 28, 2020

Healthcare and community leaders from Bon Secours Mercy Health, CareSource, mySidewalk, and Selfhelp Community Services share success stories on leveraging SDOH and community partnerships to better engage their populations and to improve health outcomes. Find out how to overcome challenges and maximize the partnership. The “bright spots” discussed include food pantries, housing assistance, job support services, and programs for seniors.

Today's Bright Spots in Healthcare Podcast episode is sponsored by mySidewalk, a technology company dedicated to empowering changemakers. Their web-based publishing platform allows healthcare and public health leaders to integrate effective storytelling with the largest collection of social determinants data in the country. mySidewalk works with their partners to democratize data and get knowledge in the hands of people who need it, so they can take ACTION around wellness and health programs, policy or legislation that improves the lives of many. This is so critical in making this our country healthier today and moving into the future. For more information, visit or contact