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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Jul 30, 2019

Dr. Samuel Nordberg joins me to discuss why, and how, Reliant Medical decided to rethink their approach to primary care.  If you are in the process of integrating behavioral health with primary care, or are at least thinking about it, this is a must listen!  

Sam outlines for us the key components to building an embedded model, the business drivers to why Reliant not only invested in new processes, but new real estate.  He also talks about what healthcare can learn more software developers in building a new program like this,  and we also spend a good amount of time on the blocking and tackling: operations, clinical framework, staffing and of course metrics for success. It’s a jam packed 50+ minutes full of great insights and ideas.

So grab a pen and paper or your tablet and get ready to learn  ….. about a really exciting bright spot in healthcare, Reliant Medical Group’s embedded primary care model.   

Today’s episode is sponsored by Revel Health.  If you have ever talked to the most sophisticated agencies on Madison Avenue, the ones that represent the biggest consumer brands you know like Coke, Toyota, Hershey’s, Apple, you name it … they take a sophisticated approach to identifying consumers, and then understanding the consumer's values well enough to truly influence behavior change, in a way that benefits the brand they represent.  We in healthcare have not been that elaborate in marketing to the patients who are at highest risk of costing the most money. Until now. Check out revel health at ... they are a new bright spot in healthcare.