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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Dec 4, 2020

Healthcare advocate, entrepreneur, and author, Dave Chase discusses why healthcare is so expensive and shares some radical ways to reinvent healthcare during this episode. Dave highlights case studies featured in his new book, Relocalizing Health: The Future of Healthcare is Local, Open and Independent, which details the solutions employers and local community leaders can take to reduce healthcare costs and improve healthcare benefits for their plan members.


Listen to this episode to find out:

  • Why and how healthcare can be provided and funded locally
  • What healthcare can learn from the craft beer industry
  • What a boutique hotel in Florida, a town in Sweden, and a community in Alaska all have in common
  • How you can get a free copy of Dave's book


This Bright Spots in Healthcare episode is sponsored by Revel Health, which is innovating how healthcare organizations think about population health and consumer engagement. In brief, Revel Health focuses on understanding people. They know the populations you struggle with like Medicaid or Medicare Advantage, are NOT about population health — it’s about the individual. And this is the most important point I want to make, they approach healthcare differently, by understanding the values and belief systems of the individual, so they can create a personalized plan to drive positive behavioral change.  It's really a very fresh way of thinking about engagement and SDOH. Revel Health and NovuHealth announced a merger on October 1, 2020, to create a leading technology platform company focused on healthcare member engagement.

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