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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Oct 2, 2020

Cara McNulty, DPA, President, Aetna Behavioral Health and Sara Ratner, Senior Vice President, Government Programs and Strategic Initiatives, Revel Health discuss the importance of removing the stigma behind mental illness in order to reach  “silent sufferers” - patients suffering in silence rather than seek treatment for their mental disorder. Topics covered include why it’s essential for health plans and systems to identify silent sufferers, how the COVID-19 pandemic increased the need to help silent sufferers and how to measure the financial impact.

Today’s Bright Spots in Health Podcast episode is sponsored by Revel Health, which is innovating how healthcare organizations think about pop health and consumer engagement. In brief, Revel Health focuses on understanding people. They know the populations you struggle with like Medicaid or Medicare Advantage, are NOT about population health — it’s about the individual. And this is the most important point I want to make, they approach healthcare differently, by understanding the values and belief systems of the individual, so they can create a personalized plan to drive positive behavioral change.  It's really a very fresh way of thinking about engagement and SDOH. Check them out at