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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Nov 11, 2022

Julianne Eckert, Senior Director of Clinical Quality, Clover Health, Andre Bliss, Director of Medicare STARs, UPMC Health Plan and Marisa Howard, Senior Director, MA Operations, Evolent Health,

share practical strategies and best practices to help Medicare Advantage plans to execute a successful star rating strategy. Learn significant trends and gain critical insights to help your plan earn and sustain a 4+ star rating in an era of rapid change!


This episode is sponsored by Evolent Health Services

Evolent Health Services is disrupting healthcare administration, generating exceptional clinical efficacy and better risk adjustment for health organizations while simplifying the overall administration process. Similar to what Tesla did with automobiles and Amazon did with retail, Evolent Health Services is helping to transform our healthcare industry from antiquated to innovative. The uniqueness of Evolent is

  • TECH: they have the industry’s only trustworthy end-to-end integrated platform, along with 
  • TOUCH: some of the most innovative people in the business know how to operate the solution for and with every type of health plan.or risk-bearing provider org