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The Financial Samurai Podcast

Welcome to The Financial Samurai Podcast!

In 2H2017, I decided to start publishing audio versions of my posts for those of you who would rather listen than read. The audio versions contain little bits of nuances that you won’t find in the articles. They are also a way for me to build a library of thoughts for my children just in case I pass away before they become adults.

I hope these Financial Samurai podcasts make your commute or your exercise routine a little less painful.

Happy listening!



Jun 27, 2024

I've decided that my Home-To-Car Ratio guide is the most important pesonal finance guide for everyone to fall. After all, everybody needs a place to live, real estate is the best asset to build wealth for the average person, and America has a love affair with cars.

My Home-To-Car Ratio guide helps personal finance...

Jun 20, 2024

I catch up with Andre Nader, ex-Facebook employee about what he's been up to one year after leaving his day job. 

We talk about being a stay-at-home dad, the temptation of going back to work, buying property in San Francisco, and his FAANG FIRE newsletter he publishes twice a month. It is the only newsletter I've read...

Jun 6, 2024

I spoke to my wife about how my saver's mindset naturally kicked in after purchasing our new house in October 2023. Our liquidity was tight, and we were literally living paycheck to paycheck for six months. This is when my frugal gene kicked in and made me lock down expenses.

This experience taught me that experiencing...