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Money Talk With Tiff

Jan 27, 2022

Luke Van Der Veer sits down with Tiffany to break down the basics of SEO, identifying niches in the market and how "Rank and Rent" helps businesses attract leads. 

About Our Guest

Luke Van Der Veer used to have a job with General Electric in HR and has since quit his job with the Rant and Rent portfolio he has put...

Jan 20, 2022

Tiffany sits down with Melissa who breaks down how to manage a business from an accounting perspective by recognizing profit from revenue. Melissa shares her tips on getting your books in order as a business owner and why every business owner needs a cash reserve.

About Our Guest

Melissa Houston is a CPA with over 20...

Jan 13, 2022

Live from FinCon 2021, Tiffany sits down with this year's keynote speaker for FinCon, Jaspreet Singh. Jaspreet and Tiffany talk about Jaspreet's journey with his company and how to adopt the 'minority mindset.'

About Our Guest

Jaspreet Singh is a serial entrepreneur, licensed attorney, and the founder of Minority...

Jan 6, 2022

Tiffany invites CEA (Certified Executor Advisor), David Edey on the podcast to talk all things estate planning. David discusses his book, Executor Help, and how his own personal experience inspired him to start helping others with the often stressful process of estate planning and settling.

About Our Guest

David Edey...