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Money Talk With Tiff

May 18, 2023

Are you wondering how you can teach little kids about money? Look no further! In this episode, Sam X Renick (aka Sammy Rabbit) and Tiffany Grant discuss some fun and effective ways to get children excited about financial literacy.

From using transparent jars with a "deposit dance" to reading storybooks, learn the ins and outs of teaching kids to save money and understand financial concepts age-appropriately. With Sam's extensive background in financial services, you can trust that his advice is reliable - so join us now for some great tips on teaching your kids about money!

About Our Guest

Sam X Renick is an internationally recognized leader and pioneer in financial literacy. He is a source and force of knowledge and joy on great money habits. In 2001, Sam founded the “It’s a Habit!” Company and co-created children's storybook character Sammy Rabbit to make it easy for anyone to talk to and teach young children about great money habits!

Since then Renick has produced one of the largest libraries in the world of financial literacy resources. It includes stories and songs like Sammy’s Big Dream, Get in the Habit, S.A.V.E. Rainy Day, Lemonade Stand, Anyone Can Be Rich, Show Your Family the Way and more.

Connect with Sammy

LinkedIn: Sam X Renick

Twitter: @SammyRabbit1