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Money Talk With Tiff

Apr 20, 2023

Are money and wealth the key to happiness? Dr. Michael Thomas believes it's not that simple. In his new book "Black Financial Culture Building Wealth From the Inside Out" he dives into how financial freedom must be paired with internal wisdom for true fulfillment.

Don't miss this exclusive look at how prioritizing money within a capitalistic system can be an invaluable tool for success - and why understanding the 'why' behind our financial habits is essential for unlocking true potential and power.

Don't miss this chance to take charge of your finances, and make sure that money works for you!

About Our Guest

Michael G. Thomas Jr., Ph.D., is an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) and a lecturer at the University of Georgia. His research focuses on financial empathy and self-compassion, data visualization's effects on financial behavior, and the connection between brain function and money.

Dr. Thomas's philosophy on how to effectively interact with money can be summed up in his Ted Talk: Financial Empathy: Understanding the Story Beneath the Numbers. Utilizing financial empathy as a process for active listening and the creation of client-focused financial recommendations are reflected in two financial literacy and capability programs he helped create: Money Dawgs and Discovering Money Solutions.

Dr. Thomas is also the founder of Modom Solutions - a virtual financial coaching service he has been providing since 2015. He is also an author of the book Black Financial Culture: Building Wealth from the Inside Out. To learn more, visit his website:

Connect With Dr. Thomas

Twitter: @ModomSolutions

Instagram: @ModomSolutions

Facebook: @ModomSolutions