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Money Talk With Tiff

Feb 10, 2022

Angela Matthews comes back for another episode to drop gems on investing. Angela shares how she's made money as an investor and everything you need to know to learn more about investing. 

About Our Guest

Angela E. Matthews is a DIY investment coach and strategist. As the founder of the Happy Investor Method™ her goal is to make investing accessible and fun for all. As an experienced investor and investment trainer, she has conducted workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching with thousands of individuals and businesses from all walks of life.
Her mission is to help powerful people experience powerful wealth. Why? Simply put, by having your money make money, it allows you to have greater affluence and influence so you can change your world and the one around you. She is especially passionate about doing this for women and people of color.
As a first-generation investor, she has learned to invest successfully, and her investments have allowed her to travel all over the world (45 countries and counting), take care of her parents, pay for her wedding, and purchase her first home. All while planting the seeds for her trust fund babies.

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