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Money Talk With Tiff

Sep 18, 2020

The intersection of health and wealth cannot be underestimated or looked over.  Holistic wellness includes both.  Join Tiffany as she sits down with Dr. Amber Brown as they discuss how these two aspects of wellness play on each other.

About Our Guest

Dr. Amber Brown, PT, DPT, WCS founder and owner of Root Physical Therapy and Wellness, a safe space to learn about the root causes of your concerns, as well as Care 4 You First, a community for health and wealth tips and accountability.

As a doctor of physical therapy and Board-Certified Women’s Health Specialist, her primary focuses are pelvic floor dysfunction and Black Maternal Health. She serves several clients as a doula, certified lymphedema therapist, and registered yoga teacher. She contributes to academia as a guest lecturer and with further research as she completes her second doctorate.

Dr. Brown guides people on the pathway of financial freedom without sacrificing their health as a certified financial coach and health coach, remember wellness is cheaper to manage than treating illness. She also has a podcast, Care 4 You First, providing health and wealth tips. The goal in mind is to educate the community so we can have a better quality of life. You do not have to make your journey on your own. We thrive in a tribe. We need to learn how to put ourselves first again and leave a lasting legacy.

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