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Money Talk With Tiff

Oct 20, 2023

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible journey of The Black Bourbon Guy: from bartender to restaurant & bar consultant. Join him as he shares his perspectives and experience in building and developing successful restaurants, bars, and eateries.

Learn firsthand how restaurant consulting can help you reach your goals or how to become one yourself!

About Our Guest

Che Ramos is a restaurant-and-bar kind of guy: He has spent nearly 20 years working at Triangle restaurants and bars, notably the Weathervane and Kitchen, both in Chapel Hill, along with the University Club and Counting House at the 21c Museum Hotel, both in Durham.

In late 2020, Ramos started The Black Bourbon Guy to offer professional training as well as private whiskey tastings and cocktail classes, with the goal of increasing the presence of people of color both behind the bar and among the patrons at the bars he likes to visit.

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Instagram: @theblackbourbonguy

Facebook: The Black Bourbon Guy

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