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Money Talk With Tiff

Nov 28, 2023

Are you wondering how to talk to your family about important matters such as finances, values, and expectations? If so, this episode is for you!

Jennifer Lee and Tiffany Grant discuss the powerful concept of writing a "family love letter" as an effective way to bring your family closer and share your wishes with them.

Learn about Jennifer's touching story about her father's final conversation after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Plus, find out how to get started on writing a family love letter easily with Jennifer's step-by-step “mad libs” style guide. Don't miss out!

About Our Guest

Jennifer Lee is the founder of Modern-Wealth; a Sarasota-based financial firm with a focus on helping individuals experiencing transition.

Originally from Maryland, Jennifer brought her over 27 years (44 years if you count going into the office with her father as a child) of expertise in the financial services industry to Florida. Jennifer has found that a relationship with an advisor is most critical at the intersections in life where emotions collide with financial events. She enjoys facilitating her clients through challenges as they experience life’s upsets such as divorce, the loss of a spouse, or business to retirement transition. Whether you are experiencing divorce, a business client expanding or selling your operation, or a couple wanting to make sure they have provided for their family, Modern-Wealth may be a good fit. Jennifer provides a fresh perspective to the financial planning process by digging deep to understand what drives her clients. At Modern-Wealth, they build long-lasting relationships. As part of their process, they encourage clients to communicate their values to the most important people in their lives by writing a family love letter. This led her to write “Squeeze the Juice: Live With Purpose-Then Leave a Legacy.”

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