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Money Talk With Tiff

Dec 22, 2022

Girish Bali joins Tiffany this week to explain what a podcast production company does and how podcasters interested in starting their own production company can get started.

About Our Guest

Girish Bali is the founder of Back2Basicsmode Production, and has over 30+ years of experience in technology, telecommunication & cloud computing.

Girish Bali has lived in New Jersey since 1988. For the last 20 years, he’s worked in Cloud Computing in a telecommunication industry to earn a living and lead a comfortable life. As he worked in telecommunications, he began learning about videography and has since been active in capturing life changing moments for people, be it weddings, birthdays, a sweet sixteen, bar/bat mitzvah etc. Now he shares those thoughts and perspectives with everyone through the podcast medium.

Connect with Girish Bali

Twitter: @back2basicsmode

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