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Money Talk With Tiff

Nov 16, 2023

Are you considering living with your partner but worried about the legal implications of cohabiting? Kimberlee Davis has got your back! In this informative episode, she explains exactly what a cohabitation agreement is and how it can help protect both parties in case of a separation.

Learn why it’s so important to define each individual’s money language and ownership of assets before taking such an important step. Listen now to learn everything you need to know about creating a secure and equitable cohabitation agreement - essential knowledge for any unmarried couple living together!

About Our Guest

Kimberlee Davis, affectionately known as the Fiscal Feminist, is an influential figure in the world of finance and empowerment. Born and raised in the United States, Kimberlee's journey is one that demonstrates resilience, determination, and a strong commitment to advocating for financial literacy among women.

Professionally, Kimberlee has built an impressive career that spans over three decades. Her experience in the corporate world started as a corporate securities lawyer and eventually led her to become a Partner and Senior Managing Director at The Bahnsen Group, a wealth management firm. Here, Kimberlee's dedication to financial literacy took center stage as she began to focus on women's financial issues, hence the birth of her persona as the Fiscal Feminist.

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