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A show about board and card games. The guys of On Board Games discuss games from the viewpoints of new and expert players, reviewers, and people from the industry, to allow listeners insight into the gaming hobby so they can enjoy games more thoroughly.

Isaac is joined by our new OBG Crowdfunding Edition Cohost Stephanie Straw. You may know Stephanie from her work on the State of Games, her active role in Unpub, or from the convention circuit, where she’s always evangelizing for the latest and greatest games.

Before they get to their guest they talk about the bankruptcy of Phil Kilcrease, the owner of 5th Street Games.


Far Space Foundry
Isaac and Stephanie interview Justin Schaffer, one of the partners who run Terra Nova Games. Their latest release, Far Space Foundry by Dan Manfredini with art by Adam McIver is rocketing through Kickstarter now!





They also listen to our top entrants from the Haba Rhino Hero Theme Song competition, and announce the winner!

Behroox Shahriari http://youtu.be/O0WKalc9GTo

Justin Ricker https://youtu.be/bn07AH4bP0k

Boardgame Deciples Jaclyn & Joey White https://youtu.be/a_IAMl-W7mg

Michael Cooper https://youtu.be/AeqvslWWqsc

Ray Greenly - not available online (yet).


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