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Aug 3, 2020   We talk more about the curious character Jeremy, and his role in the past few decades of knowing RC – geologic explorations and his first Carolina Bay overflight, debating Sasquatch and designing drawing compasses – until his recent disappearance into the Pacific Northwest.  Multiple adventures into the Appalachians revealed scoured valleys, filled with cobbles and boulders that tell a specific and catastrophic story that most are blind to their signatures and presence. With examples of giant boulder deposits, RC instructs about imbrication and then more into scale-invariant features like sand bars and current ripples, culminating with a few examples of what we’ll see during the fall Scablands tours. An excellent gateway that dabbles into our forthcoming multi-episode journey into megafloods! Kosmographia Ep040 The Randall Carlson Podcast with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike and GCREX admin Bradley, from 07/21/20. 


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