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Aug 9, 2021    With funny stories and banter throughout, Randall and the K-crew are invigorated after their spring-time travels! We look back at the awesome landscapes of the two tours and agree that the sheer immensity of the flooding events is beyond our abilities to comprehend. Revisiting impressive sites like Steptoe Butte that overlooks the rolling Palouse Hills, Potholes Coulee Cataracts, and Devil’s Canyon, we all are ready to return and share with a new group of geo-adventurers! Ongoing questions about the formation of Moses Coulee and the standard “Ice Dam” model of repeated releases of Lake Missoula are just not adding up for us, so RC explains the difficulties and clarifies the problems as he shifts around the region using Goobles terrain and satellite maps.  Kosmographia Ep069: The Randall Carlson Podcast includes Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, our Creative Director Llauraa, Normal Guy Mike, with producer and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 6/07/21.


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Ice Age Cordilleran Floods into Idaho and Montana tour – Contact at the Clark Fork

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00:00    Scablands & Snakes

15:33    SW Experience 2

23:08    Incomprehensible Scale

55:00    Unboxing CBD

1:03:48  Maps of Ice Dam Area

1:13:03  Spokane River Region

1:20:05  Moses Coulee Source?

1:26:06  Supra-glacial melt

1:38:08  Filling/draining lake

1:48:38  Ripples and Wrap-up

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