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Oct 1, 2019 

Topics covered in this show:

Readings from “Space Time Transients and Unusual Events” re mammoth geophysical forces and localized magnified manifestations, seismic pressures on crystals and piezo-electric effect, inducing “luminosities”. Would affect living electrical systems also, including communications. Experiments on effects to brain function. Subterranean tidal forces on hydrosphere. Methods for exploiting these locations of enhanced energies. Brad tangent on “Uranus in Taurus” having effects on geological stability – 2019 volcanos and EQs. Radio blackout near recent California earthquakes. Knowledge of Wilhelm Reich? Yes, the “orgone energy” guy. Judge in 1954 denied that orgone energy exists, ignoring all these cultures that had tradition of Life energy or some subtle force. Son wrote “Book of Dreams” where he recalls his father telling him they wouldn’t let him out. Mike quote from favorite commentator, Malcolm Nance, “Coincidence takes planning.”

LINKS: Ogopogo video Micah Hanks: Uranus in Taurus

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