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Oct 8, 2019

We talk about recent near-miss asteroid fly-byes and the potential effects, with a tangent toward the movie "Armageddon" and then Randall's introduction of ViewMaster hero "Tom Corbett - Space Cadet" to Richard Hoagland.
Then RC gets back to the meat of the discussion with Plato's Timaeus dialogues, and an example of how some must alter his direct quotes to match their own hypotheses. Also the important role and duty of the men who held and relayed these stories through the generations.
Randall reads from Plato's dialogue "Critias" (translation by Benjamin Jowett) that recounts the stories (passed down through the generations to Critias) told to Solon by the Egyptian priests re: repeated catastrophes, the short memory of the Hellenes (Greeks) and their cities' common goddess. RC also reviews the "myth" of the "Fall of Phaeton", which was an actual event retold as a story (from Bullfinch's Mythology). Locations of islands and other details are analyzed to their geographic accuracy. He wraps up with a review to answer whether there could be a sunken landmass in the region Plato proposed...
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