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Feb 25, 2020   RC brings forth more evidence of distinct YDB extraterrestrial event markers in lake cores from Central America. He presents oddities from the Boslough and Surovell self-supporting distraction papers, but they had the establishment PR working to present their incompetent work as the findings of “experts” that had debunked the YDIH. It’s critical for people to realize that humans were present during this period of catastrophe and were victims, not the instigators. RC goes through the list of deficient testing procedures used by the Surovell team that resulted in the news stories that the “experts” had proven the YD impact evidence false – revealing their own lack of competence, and perhaps purposely not finding what they didn’t want to find. Is it laziness, ignorance, Freudian, or conspiratorial? This controversy may be the most important in the history of science, and we’re going to bring you the details! 


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