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Jun 25, 2020   RC pulls an edge model of a dodecahedron from his bookshelf and the description of its properties evolves into speculation about our planet being engineered and the possibilities of tweaking the system. Then returning to the evidence from the Greenland ice cores for extraordinary continental-scale wildfires, we discuss the possible weather changes that result from landscapes devoid of vegetation – an expansive “Wasteland” that any survivors would have had to navigate, which is an intrinsic motif of the Grail mythos. The widespread biomass-burning is confirmed along with platinum deposition right at the YDB on multiple graphs from numerous locations, as we wind down our detailed inspections of these fingerprints of catastrophe…  Kosmographia Ep035 The Randall Carlson Podcast with the Snake Brothers – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike and GCREX admin Bradley, from 06/10/20.


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