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Jan 13, 2021  The first half of the show veers in an esoteric direction after seriousness turns into levity, when a trail is picked up that takes us into symbolism and ciphers, the Tarot and Temperance, Kabbala and the Hebrew alphabet, cycles of destruction and Freemasonry. After that whirlwind of mind-twisters, RC articulates a brief review to get us reoriented back into the megaflood evidence across North America. In preparation for our upcoming series of tours along the Cumberland Plateau, he moves the focus to the periglacial environment of the southern Appalachian Mountains called the Blue Ridge, where block streams, boulder fields, debris fans, high terraces, imbricated 100-ton slabs, and mass-wasting slides were deposited under conditions almost impossible to conceive. Test your imagination-stretching capabilities during this epic episode!

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