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Dec 16, 2020   Brad expresses his gratefulness for rock ‘n roll, leading to stories of first concerts and festival devolution, and another review by RC of his experience of scale invariance over the Minnesota River within the Ice Age River Warren channel. We then get back into the formation of drumlins and the problem of scale, while revealing massive swarms in and around Lake Ontario, which includes a deep basin that seems an emanation point for the radial Finger Lakes of central New York State. Amazing scenes abound in the many glens and gorges that feed into those long, narrow lakes, showing sudden catastrophic erosion. Finally, RC jumps back to the radial drumlin fields formed beneath the Michigan lobe, southwest of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and asks persistent questions regarding the timing and sequence of all these phenomenal flood features’ formations.

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RUSH concert, from 1981 Exit Stage Left, “Xanadu”:  “…for I have dined on honeydew, and drunk the milk of paradise…”

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