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Aug 8, 2023

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After returning from extended Spring touring, Brad and RC talk about some of the cool sites that will be part of future Bonneville Megaflood trips. Ahead with benefits of Carbon dioxide, RC shares work that links the start of agriculture with increasing atmospheric levels post Ice Age, and also that a doubling has the same effect as doubling rainfall, which will also increase – ALL good for the biosphere! A review of high points covered earlier from his “Redemption of the Beast” article, these papers are only a sampling of over 300 related studies, but no one is talking about them – all you hear is that rising CO2 is taking us toward some horrible Climate Disaster. But Caribbean region hurricanes don’t show any increase in frequency or intensity, and Greenland ice core samplings reveal previous higher temps during “Climatic Optimum,” and ponds in Vermont reveal much stronger storms than those in the last 300 years of local records. “Nuke ‘em” – for Science! Kosmographia Ep099 of The Randall Carlson Podcast, with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 6/05/23

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